auto insurance in Lewistown PA

If you work from the comfort of your own home, you could save on your auto insurance in!

If your work allows you to telecommute rather than coming into the office, you can reap more benefits than just working in your pajamas! Working from home means that you have reduced the time you spend driving. If you don’t leave the house often, let your insurance company know to help also reduce the cost of your auto insurance!

Auto insurance rates are determined by a variety of factors including what you drive, where you live, and your driving history. They also include the distance you commute to work. Luckily, if you don’t have a work commute because you work from home, you’re less likely to be involved in an accident, thus lowering your auto insurance rate. Neat, huh?

Whether you agree that working from home is a more productive method, or that it’s just an excuse to get sidetracked by watching TV in sweats, more and more companies are opting for ‘telecommute’ staff. Not only does this cut down on office space and bills, but it also provides employees flexibility with their work hours.

Data has recently shown that Pennsylvanians who work from home, rather than commuting 50 miles round trip to work, pay at least 8.4 percent less for car insurance. As the risk of you getting into a car accident and collision is significantly reduced (as you’re not on the road as much), you can be rewarded with a lower auto insurance premium.

If you work from home, find out how you can save on your auto insurance in Lewistown, PA! Contact Sausman Insurance Agency for your reliable policy and affordable premium in Mifflintown, Millersburg, and neighboring cities in Pennsylvania!