Why Is Commercial Truck Insurance Important?

Commercial vehicles are almost like traveling billboards. They carry your company’s name and logo so that everyone knows who you are and what you do. Carrying commercial insurance on your company vehicles is extremely important for many reasons. First and foremost, it’s the law. Secondly, it protects your company from any type of financial loss if an accident should ever occur. Third, it helps to protect your reputation. Working hand in hand with your insurance agent will help you find the right commercial policy for your company.

Commercial Vehicles Are an Investment

Your commercial trucks are an investment. Many commercial trucks are customized and there may be additional costs involved when repairs need to be made. With the right commercial policy, you will know that everything will be taken care of properly if an accident ever occurs. Protecting your investment is an important part of good management practices.

Know What Type of Coverage You Need

Most business owners are overwhelmed by the many different types of commercial insurance policies that are available. When you have questions about what type of commercial policy you may need, don’t just guess and hope that you are right. Make an appointment with your insurance agent and go over all of your needs as well as your inventory. By laying everything out on the table, your agent can help you find the right policy that will protect your business and give you the peace of mind you need.

Understand How Your Deductible Works

Deductibles are used to help keep your premiums manageable. Your deductible is what you pay out of pocket before your insurance policy kicks in. If you choose a low deductible amount, your monthly premiums will be higher. If you are willing to pay a higher deductible, your insurance premiums will be much lower. This is an area where business owners must choose wisely. While low premiums are nice, having to come up with a large sum of money for repairs may hurt your business. Therefore, careful financial planning is a must.

Protect Your Reputation

If you are involved in an accident, you want to make sure that your company’s reputation is protected as well. This is when having a good insurance policy in place helps. If you have questions about your policy and exactly what it covers, you may want to have your agent perform a policy audit or review. This will ensure you have adequate coverage on every level.

Types of Coverage

The most common types of truck insurance coverage include:

  1. Primary Liability: It protects the driver against harm or injury.
  2. Cargo Insurance: It covers the freight.
  3. Reefer Insurance: It covers refrigerated cargo in the event of equipment failure.
  4. Physical Damage Coverage: It protects the goods being transported.
  5. Bobtail Insurance: It protects drivers who drive without a trailer.

Your commercial insurance policy is an investment in your company just like the commercial trucks you are trying to protect.  Talk to the team of professionals at Sausman Insurance Agency for help finding reliable commercial auto or trucking insurance coverage. We serve central Pennsylvania with quality policies. We look forward to assisting you to secure reliable and comprehensive coverage that suits your needs and budget.