What to Do After Your Home is Broken Into

Steps to take after your home has been burgled.

If you’ve just been the victim of a burglary, you have a lot to think about. You may have been emotionally shaken by the incident, and you may be wondering how and when to report the crime. The sheer number of steps you need to take following a home burglary can appear daunting. To help, we’ve compiled the essential steps you should do in the wake of a robbery.

Step 1: Call the police.

As soon as you discover the burglary, notify the authorities. The sooner you call, the better a chance you have of catching the culprit and getting your belongings back. If the robber is still in your home, do not approach him or her – continue to call the police.

Step 2: Write everything down.

You may think you’ll retain all the important information in the moment, but elevated levels of stress hormones can actually interfere with the brain’s ability to create new memories. Even things you think you notice very clearly can be difficult to remember because of stress. With this in mind, make sure to take down notes about the time, date, first moments of realizing you were burgled, and what occurred next. If you got a look at the burglar, write down everything you saw immediately. Your notes will be helpful in the investigation.

Step 3: Take pictures.

Take photos of every place from which something was taken, as well as where thieves may have gained entrance. If there was damage to the doors, fences, locks, or interior, take clear photographs of this as well. Be mindful not to touch or move anything just yet.

Step 4: Contact your insurer.

You’ll need information from the police report to file an insurance claim. Once you have details of the report in hand, call your insurer and let them know what has happened. You may want to dig out your home inventory to make a list of what was damaged or stolen. You may also be asked to provide evidence of the items’ value, such as receipts or other documents. The more evidence you can provide, the easier and smoother the process will be.

These steps can help you handle a home break-in. To work with an insurance agency that helps you through accidents and disasters, contact Sausman Insurance Agency. We serve Mifflintown, Millersburg, Lewistown, and neighboring cities in Pennsylvania with quality homeowners insurance.