Senior woman in car

Senior Driving Safety Tips

There are almost 40 million drivers on the road that are over 65 years of age.  Even though you have had many years of driving experience, keep these tips in mind to help limit the chances of being involved in an accident as a senior driver.

  • Stay healthy and fit – maintaining a healthy diet and exercising regularly can help you remain a sharp driver. It is also important to consider any medications that you are taking and how they may affect your driving ability. Many medications can have harmful effects on your driving ability, so make sure to ask your doctor if it is safe to get behind the wheel with any medications that you are taking.
  • Take a safety course – there are many driver safety courses that are specifically geared towards senior drivers that can help to refresh the rules of the road. As an added bonus, many insurance companies will provide a discount for anyone who completes a safe driving course.

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