Steps to Take When an Essential Employee Goes on Leave

How to prepare your business for an employee taking leave.

You’ve just been told that one of your top employees is going to be out on leave for the next 2-3 months. You’re concerned because this key employee goes above and beyond their role to better your business. You may have a lot of concerns in mind because of their time away from the office. Leaves of absence don’t have to disrupt the work balance of your team. Read on for tips on how your business can handle a key employee taking leave.

Have your employee prepare a proposal before they leave. If the leave of absence is planned, ask your employee to take some time to prepare a proposal. This document should outline a guide on how the manager/team will get the work done when the employee is out of the office. Be sure they note down their duties, circumstances in which is it okay to contact the employee when they are on leave, and the best method of contacting them.

Consider employee schedules. You know someone in your team will be out for a while, so make sure that you ask the other employees to request time off well in advance so that you can prepare. It may be a good idea to consider flexible schedules to keep up team morale and to assure employees that you understand the added pressure on their workloads.

Recognize hardworking employees. Use this opportunity to evaluate which employees step up and handle the increased workload well. Now is a great time to let employees know how valuable they are to your organization. You can let team members try out new skills and watch for hidden talents that can benefit your business in the future.

If necessary, consider hiring a short-term contractor or independent freelancer to cover the work. Whatever the situation, keep your insurance protection in mind. For all of your business insurance needs in Mifflintown, Millersburg, Lewistown, and surrounding cities in Pennsylvania contact the professionals at Sausman Insurance Agency today.