Reporting A Claim

We strongly recommend that you contact us after a claim. We will discuss the claim with you and explain your options. For catastrophic losses we have an answering service that can reach us or you can report your claim directly to most insurance companies via their website or claim phone number provided with your policy.

Claim Tips

Car Accident Claim Tip: Who, What, Where, When is good to gather after a claim. Who was involved, What happened, Where did it happen, When did it happen (time). Often you can help expedite the claim process if you have this information when a claim is reported. Some police will tell you at the scene of an accident that you will get the information by calling the barrick. Depending on their work schedule this can greatly delay the process. Try to get the other parties Name, Address, Phone Number and if possible their Insurance Company and Policy Number.

Property Claim Tip: It is always permissible to take the necessary steps to prevent further damage after a claim. Temporary repairs can be made. If you have a camera it is a good idea to take some pictures.

CLICK HERE: or a complete listing of insurance carrier claim numbers. 

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