29 Mar 2018
Motorcycle Safety Tips for Drivers

Safely sharing the road with motorcyclists.

Now that spring is here, it’s likely that we’ll start to see motorcyclists back on the roads again. The warmer weather and brighter days are often a good excuse to drive the bike instead of taking the car. Whether or not you’re a motorcyclist yourself, you should know the basic safety tips about how to share the road safely with motorbikes.

As a car driver, you can adopt these habits to avoid accidents with motorcycles. Here’s how.

  • Check before you move.

It’s likely that if you’ve been paying attention to the road, you have some sense of where cars are around you. However, you still can’t see vehicles in your blind spot. To avoid accidents, always look in your rearview mirror, side view mirror, and quickly check your blind spot before changing lanes or turning.

  • Always signal.

Most motorcyclists are cautious and responsible drivers since they have very little between themselves and the road. As a result, bikers tend to drive defensively. Since they have to adjust their riding behavior based on what you do, always signal your intentions first.

  • Take care when passing.

If you need to pass a motorcyclist, signal first, then plan your move. Long before you approach the bike, move over to the next land and stay in that lane until long after you’ve passed. Be sure to avoid having the biker in your blind spot.

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