woman driving a car

Red Light Camera Basics

If you have recently been noticing more red light cameras at stoplights on your daily commute, you are not alone. More than 500 communities across the United States are now using red light cameras to help catch drivers who are violating different traffic laws at intersections.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety recently released a study that shows the number of drivers that run red lights in Arlington, Virginia dramatically decreased in intersections that had red light cameras. The rate of drivers who tried to run a light in the last 1.5 seconds after it changed to red dropped almost 90 percent over one year in intersections that included cameras.

There can be many different consequences that are associated with getting a ticket from a red light camera. Along with paying the fee for the ticket that you receive, you may also have to deal with increased auto insurance premiums. Since your driving record is one of the main factors used to determine your auto insurance premiums, the more tickets you have on your record, the higher your rates will be. The best way to avoid a red light ticket is to give yourself enough time to get to your destination so you can avoid any temptation to run one.

Just like any traffic violation ticket that you receive, you have the opportunity to fight the violation in court. The amount of time it takes to mail a citation from a red light camera is comparable with the amount of time drivers get for court dates from traditional traffic violations.

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