How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

Stick with your resolutions and achieve your goals in the New Year.

Another year is ending, and many of us are gathering up our willpower for our New Year’s resolutions. Whether it’s to lose weight, save money, be healthier or all three, many of us choose the same old resolutions. But have we learned from previous experience? A larger number, if not the majority, or previous resolutions were broken in weeks. Fortunately, with these tips, you can make this set of resolutions that much more successful.

Keep it simple.

Don’t overwhelm yourself with too many resolutions! Some people aim for a complete overhaul of their entire lifestyle, and this is often rarely realistic. The best approach is to focus clearly on one or two of your most important goals.

Be realistic.

Don’t aim too high or ignore reality. Consider your previous experience with resolutions and assess what led to the failure of them. It may be that you didn’t lose weight because you didn’t make time for the gym and didn’t learn the ins and outs of a healthy diet. Consider what went wrong and ensure that your goals are entirely achievable with a bit of patience and consistency.

Start small.

Break down goals into sizeable chunks. The more planning you do now, the more likely you are to get there in the end. The planning process is when you build up that willpower which you will undoubtedly need to fall back on along the way. Narrow down your goals into achievable tasks – such as going for a run once a week or saving $50 a month. Putting goal into figures makes it much more real.

Leverage resources.

Let’s face it – there’s an app for everything! If you’re glued to your smartphone, make sure that you use it to help achieve your goals this year. Whether it’s a fitness app, financial planner, or even a daily task reminder, you can put technology to use.

Tell your friends and family.

If you tell people around you, you’re more likely to stick with your goals. Carefully choose those people around you who have shown themselves to be trustworthy to support you in this endeavor. Let them know of ways they can help when the going gets tough.

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