13 Oct 2021

Workers’ compensation insurance policy pays essential benefits to employees who are injured or get sick while performing their work-related duties. It covers their medical treatment and ongoing care and compensates them for a portion of their lost wages. The policy may also pay death benefits to the employee’s family if the injury or illness leads […]

15 Sep 2021
Basics of Dwelling Fire Coverage

Knowing the difference between dwelling fire insurance and regular homeowners insurance is important if you own multiple properties. It’s easy to confuse the two types of policies due to their similarities, but the differences are significant. How Dwelling Fire Coverage Differs from Standard Plans Typical homeowners insurance policies pay for damage to the owner’s primary […]

08 Sep 2021
Auto insurance for a car in storage

The federal government requires all motorists in the United States except New Hampshire to carry some form of auto liability insurance coverage. Different auto insurance policies cover different risks, such as third-party liability claims, your medical bills, uninsured motorists, and the costs of repairing or replacing your car in the event of an accident. It […]

21 Jul 2021
A Basic Guide to Farm Insurance

Introduction to Farm Insurance Your farm is a valuable asset. Whether you are operating your farm as a hobby or as a business endeavor, you should consider getting it covered with the right insurance. Farm insurance can give you peace of mind that things will be covered if something goes wrong. Here are a few […]

14 Jul 2021
Recreational Vehicle Insurance Explained

Thousands of people ride around in RVs (recreational vehicles) every day. RVs are generally seen as a comfortable form of transportation. Recreational vehicle insurance protects your recreational vehicle if you are involved in an emergency while you are traveling, camping, or if your RV is in storage. Is RV Insurance Mandatory? In some cases, RV […]

13 May 2021
A Look at How Your Auto Insurance Policy May Start Putting Back into Your Pocket

Over the last few years, many drivers have experienced monthly givebacks on their auto insurance policies. More givebacks could be on the way in the future. The ongoing pandemic has caused more Americans to work remotely. The result is less overall driving. As a result of this adjustment period, many insurance companies returned drivers their […]

06 May 2021
A Guide to Help Entrepreneurs Figure out Small Business Insurance Quotes

As a small business owner, you are likely looking for ways to maximize profits while saving money. Keep in mind though that searching for insurance with the lowest premium is not always the best solution. You have to weigh multiple factors when choosing a policy for your small business. Here are some things to consider […]