a home security system

Home security system questions to ask.  

Buying a home security system is a lot like shopping at the grocery store – you’re better off if you go in with an idea of what you need. You should know what kind of system you had in mind, what your budget is, and what level of protection you’re after. The process can be overwhelming since there are many systems, packages, and contracts out there. To help, ask these questions when choosing a system to narrow down your search.

What kind of equipment do I want?

Some home security systems specialize in theft prevention, others in home automation, others in flood and smoke sensors. Understand your needs so that you have a better idea of your goals and how to meet them. Another consideration is whether the equipment is customizable. Certain companies will allow you to choose only the equipment you need.

What’s the warranty?

No matter how great a home security company appears to be, equipment sometimes breaks down. Make sure you purchase a product knowing whether or not you have to pay full price to replace broken equipment. Most companies offer a warranty length between two and three years, and others won’t offer a warranty on all of their equipment.

Will I be moving in the next few years?

If you plan to move properties within the next few years, make sure that your security system is flexible enough to move with you. Some systems can be packed up and carried to a new location without penalty. Others may require you to break your contract before you move, which can significantly increase the cost.

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