How to Make Your Drive at in the Dark Safe

Safety tips for driving at night.

Now that fall is upon is, the days are getting shorter. This means that we’re driving to and from work in the dark. Unfortunately, driving in the dark is much more demanding than driving in the daylight as visibility is reduced, making it harder for motorists to spot obstacles and make sharp turns in the road. Since there is very little way around driving in the dark this season, we’ve compiled some tips on how to make your drive safer and easier.

Check your lights

Before setting off, make sure that all of your car’s lights are working properly, including the headlights, brake lights, and turn signals. If you cannot see clearly and you cannot be seen, it could be a recipe for disaster. Use full beam lights when you need to, but remember to switch them off when other vehicles are approaching.

Clean the windows and mirrors

Clean the interior and exterior of your windows, paying special attention to the windshield. Dirty glass increases glare from other vehicles and is also more likely to steam up.

Get enough rest

Driving in the dark can wreak havoc with our concentration. Our bodies are prone to being asleep when it’s dark outside, so we may feel more tired when driving in the dark during the early mornings and evenings. Be sure to get plenty of rest. If you start to feel drowsy behind the wheel, a cup of coffee will help. Remember, though, that the only cure for tiredness is proper sleep.

Get your eyes checked

Your vision can worsen over time without you noticing. This can make driving in the dark particularly challenging. Get regular eye tests, and your optician will be able to spot early signs of conditions that affect your ability to drive.

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