a storm coming on

Protect your business after suffering from a natural disaster.  

Most business owners severely underestimate the potential damage a natural disaster can do. It’s not that they think a natural disaster can’t devastate a business; it’s that they hope it never happens to them and avoid preparing for the worst. When a natural disaster hits, all businesses can do is to wait out the storm and see what damage it does. Recent hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes are a good reminder for businesses to review their insurance policies to make sure they are properly and adequately covered in the event of a natural disaster.

Consider interruptions

When reviewing your business interruption insurance options, it can be tempting to save money and opt for less coverage. It’s easy to underestimate how much damage can be caused and how long a business will actually be interrupted. Keep in mind that it is extremely rare for businesses to reopen just days after a natural disaster unless they have insurance coverages in place.

Cover suppliers

Your business may not be directly affected by a hurricane or earthquake, but your suppliers might be. If you can’t get your hands on the right materials, your business may be stalling for weeks. Contingent business interruption coverage will reimburse lost profits as a result of a disruption in your supply chain. Review your policy now to assess what weather events trigger your coverages.

Create a disaster recovery plan

In addition to having the correct insurance in place, it’s vital to have a disaster plan that covers technical aspects of what’s needed to get the business up and running again. Business owners also need a communication plan that outlines how to alert employees about the status of the business.

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