24 Oct 2019
jack o lanterns against an orange light background

Avoid spooks this season by preparing your business for Halloween. Halloween is right around the corner. As a homeowner, parent, and friend, you may already have your outfit sorted and candy ready for the trick-or-treaters. However, as a business owner, are you as equally prepared? Business owners should be especially cautious around the Halloween holiday, […]

19 Sep 2019
a hotel room

Understand what Additional Living Expenses in your home insurance policy covers. Many homeowners purchase home insurance and understand that it can help them when their property and belongings have been damaged or lost due to a covered peril. What many don’t know is that home insurance can help to pay for additional living expenses associated […]

12 Sep 2019
the inside of a rented flat

Good reasons to secure renters insurance coverage.   Homeowners across the nation typically understand the importance of insuring one of the most expensive purchases they may ever make, their home. Renters, on the other hand, may not understand the significance and benefits of renters insurance. Some might view renters insurance as an unnecessary expense. Others […]

18 Jul 2019
a kitchen in a home with appliances

Protecting your home with the right policies in place. Owning a house comes with important decisions, such as purchasing warranties and insurance. It’s easy to confuse a home warranty with a homeowners insurance policy because they both sound so similar. Both are important to homeowners, but they cover very different things. Understand the difference between […]

23 May 2019
man fitting solar panels on roof

What to consider when thinking about getting solar panels. Adding solar panels is a big home investment.  It’s a big decision to make so it’s wise to know if these expensive solar panels will be covered by home insurance.   Residential solar energy installations are typically covered as part of a home insurance policy. However, […]