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Protecting your home with the right policies in place.

Owning a house comes with important decisions, such as purchasing warranties and insurance. It’s easy to confuse a home warranty with a homeowners insurance policy because they both sound so similar. Both are important to homeowners, but they cover very different things. Understand the difference between these two policies so that you can obtain the right coverage for your property.

Home Warranty

A home warranty is a policy that covers repair work for and replacement of major appliances like washers, dryers, refrigerators, HVAC units, and even swimming pools. When an appliance breaks down or wears down, the home warranty can step in to help cover the associated repair costs. The home warranty company will send a contracted service provider to your home to assess the problem and can repair or replace the damaged appliance. This coverage can be incredibly helpful for homeowners because it covers those big-ticket appliances that can cost a lot to fix, but keep in mind this coverage is entirely optional.

Home Insurance

For most of us, home insurance is mandatory. If you purchase your home with help from a lender, they will most likely insist you purchase coverage to protect their investment. Homeowners insurance often covers damage from wind, fire, lightning strikes, hail, theft, and vandalism, just to name a few. If your home experiences damage or loss that is covered in the policy, you will need to make a claim to your insurance company.

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