Should I Get Insurance Through an Independent Insurance Agency?

Compelling reasons on why you should work with an independent agent.

When people choose to insure their cars and homes with an online insurance company or direct insurer, they’re giving up some huge benefits of working with a local, independent insurance agency! If you’re in the market for an insurance policy, here are some great reasons why you need an independent agent!

  • They offer you options

An independent insurance agent works for you, whereas a direct writer works for the insurance company. In essence, an independent agent can choose from a variety of different insurance companies and their policies to find you the right coverage – a direct writer is limited to one insurance company’s policies. This means you get more tailored coverage for your needs.

  • You have someone watching out for you

Your independent agent will conduct a full review of your policy at each renewal and when changes are made. If there are new discounts available or new products to better protect your assets, they will tell you! Your agent keeps your best interests in mind, and it’s their job to ensure you get the best coverage and rate possible.

  • They are your one-stop-shop

Need car insurance? How about home insurance? Need to pick up a life policy, too? An independent agent will able to offer you coverage for your home, vehicle, life, health, business, and more. This means you work with one insurer to solve all of your insurance needs!

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