24 Jan 2019
Essential Workplace Safety Tips

Workplace safety you need to take into account.

Every business owner knows that workplace safety is an essential part of a healthy and successful company. If you are a new business, you may be unsure about how to make your work environment safe. Or, perhaps you just need a refresher to make sure you are doing the right things. To help, we’ve compiled some essential workplace safety tips!

Make safety rules visible.

You likely have a few safety rules for your workplace, even if they just the basics. However, just because you print them off and put them in the employee manual doesn’t mean that employees will read or remember them. For the most essential safety rules, print them out, and place them in pertinent areas around the workplace.

Involve employees.

Empower your team members to be safe around the workplace by including them in safety decisions. Encourage and champion “safety leaders” in your organization who will be responsible for safety initiative in addition to their regular responsibilities. The more an employee understands and takes ownership of your safety initiatives, the more he/she will take action.

Maintain a clean and safe work area.

Your office/factory/workshop/store should remain safe at all times. To prevent injuries and accidents, make sure clutter is removed, spills are cleaned up promptly, cords and wires are kept out of foot traffic, hallways are well lit, and frayed carpets are repaired.

Reduce workplace stress.

Job stress has been linked to health issues, higher healthcare costs, increased workplace accidents, and more. Although you are not responsible for your employee’s health, you can help their wellbeing by encouraging strategies to reduce stress such as exercise, meditation, and communication.

Provide essential personal protective equipment.

Personal protective equipment can dramatically reduce the risk of injury if worn correctly. Although you may already provide earplugs, hard hats, safety goggle, gloves, and safety shoes, make sure you regularly check these items to ensure they are not defective.

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