Emergency Planning Tips for Small Companies

Prepare your business for any disaster with an emergency plan.

As a small business owner, you may be heavily involved with the daily operations and ins and outs of your business. However, do you know how your small company would survive an emergency or disaster? Many small businesses aren’t prepared to handle a fire, flood, earthquake, civil riot, explosion, or another disaster, no matter how big or small. Unfortunately, many are left to deal with the devastating consequences such as damaged equipment and inventory, displaced employees, disruption of business, and loss of revenue. Worse still, many smaller businesses have to close their doors for good.

With that in mind, check out these few tips that will help to prepare your business for an emergency.

Gather essential safety equipment. Safety items like fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, and first aid kids should be an essential in every business. Keep in mind your business may need specialized equipment.

Establish emergency communications. Every business needs to communicate with emergency authorities, employees, suppliers, vendors, and customers in the event of a disaster. Use clear communication to keep everyone in the loop about your business’s activity and possible closure in a disaster.

Map out evacuation routes and shelter. Locate different ways to get out of the building safely and to a designated location. Be sure to consider the needs of employees with disabilities and medical conditions.

Back up data. It’s good practice to back up data often, but it is especially helpful if your business experiences any disaster. That way, if your business is forced to close temporarily, you have all the essential information at hand to continue operations.

Develop a continuity plan. How will your business manage if it needs to shut temporarily? Consider the most critical business functions and which staff members are responsible for them. Plan how the business will resume operations and steps to take to ensure this is done safely.

Small businesses have a lot to consider when looking to protect their investment. Planning for an emergency or disaster is to consider. Fortunately, reliable business insurance policies can help your business when experiencing the worst. Serving Mifflintown, Millersburg, Lewistown, and surrounding cities in Pennsylvania, visit the professionals at Sausman Insurance Agency to learn how you can acquire reliable business insurance.