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Years ago, Ed Sausman delivered a farm policy to Elaine’s home and offered her a job in his office. Since then she has filled several positions at the Sausman Agency. Today Elaine serves as a risk manager in the personal lines department, selling auto, home, farm, and recreational vehicle insurance.

She enjoys working with people and helping clients with their insurance needs. Working in the agency allows her to fill an important role in advising proper insurance coverage and assisting clients throughout the claim process.

Elaine lives on a farm near Thompsontown with her husband Delmar. They have three grown children, Kim, married to Jim Tusing, Sean, married to Nicole, and Erin, married to Bo Robinson. She also has four grandchildren, Trey, Olivia, Remy and Everly.

SIA is an independent insurance agency representing many companies, and Elaine welcomes you to contact her for an insurance quote.  Her goal is to help people have peace of mind knowing that they are receiving proper coverage.

For stress relief:

I like to take a walk and enjoy the beauty of nature. I also enjoy shopping with my girls.

What is your morning routine like?

After a cup of coffee and a little quiet time, I am off and running. I usually tidy up the house or do some laundry, then get ready for work and into the office.

What is the first thing you do when you get in the office?

I usually get in the office early. I put paper in the printer, make coffee, and then go through my suspense and plan my day. I may plan carefully, but often with the first phone call, my plans can change for the day.

How do you take your caffeine?

I love coffee, bold & black.

Your passions in life:

My passion is spending time with my family.

What do you like the most about being in the insurance industry?

This is a service industry and I enjoy helping people make decisions that will protect their family and their assets.