Don’t Skip Umbrella Insurance If You Have These Backyard Items

Home features that require additional liability insurance.

As a homeowner, you have reliable home insurance. You know it protects your home’s structure, belongings, and covers your liability, too. However, no all homes, their features, and toys were created equal.

An umbrella policy is designed to provide more liability insurance once you have exhausted your current home insurance policy. In this litigious society, it is well worth having additional liability protection. If you have these items, you may need to consider additional liability protection.

  • Pool

It’s a great way to cool off in the summer, but a pool in the backyard means you have a lot more risks. Slips and falls, diving accidents, and even drowning are just some of the risks that you face once you have a pool. For this reason, you should consider additional liability coverage to protect your increased threat of injuries and claims.

  • Swing set

Children can get a lot of fun from a swing in the yard. However, accidents can happen. If a child is injured because of your swing set, their parent can bill you for their medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, and even pain and suffering caused.

  • Dog

Even though Fido is a loveable dog, all it takes is one nip for someone to file a dog bite claim. Some dogs are blacklisted from insurance because of their “aggressive behavior”, so be sure to talk to your insurer about finding the right coverage.

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