Don’t Be Fooled by the Latest Phishing Scams

Keep your business’s data safe by avoiding the latest phishing scams.

Despite increased user awareness, phishing remains one of the biggest security threats to businesses. Although hackers often target consumers, companies are at a sizeable risk at all times. No matter the size, location or industry of the business, cyber attacks are possible. Take a look at the latest phishing scams that you should be aware of to protect your business.

Facebook Email Scam

Hackers are getting smarter – They are starting to copy the formatting and colors of a legitimate Facebook email almost perfectly. If you or one of your employees clicks through on this fake email, you’ll be sent to another website that’s downloading malware for the time you’re on it. Remember that the domain can be a giveaway if it’s not the legitimate variety.

FedEx Scam

This is a business phishing scam that popped up last month and can do some damage to your business if you’re not careful. It might look like an innocent enough email telling you there’s a message waiting for you to click on the link, but of course, you shouldn’t.

State-Sponsored Phishing Attacks

The origins of these phishing attacks are causing more alarm in all business communities. That’s because more and more of them appeared to be state-sponsored. Google even published a security blog warning businesses that use G-suite to be vigilant for hackers looking to steal their passwords.

A little bit of knowledge and caution can protect your business from suffering a cyber attack. Cyber liability insurance is also there to help protect your company from disastrous consequences. Are you ready to secure the right insurance for your business? The team at Sausman Insurance Agency can help. Contact us today to get started.