business insurance in Lewistown PA

Does your business require cyber liability business insurance?

If your business handles sensitive customer data, data breaches pose a serious threat to your financial stability. Adding cyber liability to your business insurance in Lewistown, PA can protect your business against the expenses associated with a data breach, which can turn into thousands of dollars’ worth of damage, not to mention the lost trust of vendors, clients, and employees, but a ruined reputation.

Skilled hackers are able to tap into private data within seconds, gaining instant access to important data, emails, online bank accounts, employee records – the lot! Unfortunately, during this digital age of online transactions and securing data in digital files, all of this information falling into the wrong hands has become easier.

Smart business owners use the following to secure their business the best that they can:

  • On computers and all phones, enable a PIN code that must be entered at start up.
  • Set another passcode or PIN that must be used to access private folders or software.
  • Use secure apps and folders with an added key lock code or encryption software for extremely sensitive data.
  • Do not use a public Wi-Fi when logging into bank accounts or entering in secure information.
  • Never click on suspicious links.
  • Never save log in information on bank account apps or payroll.
  • Limit the number of comments that the public can post on your website’s forums.
  • Practice internet safety with your employees!
  • Limit the number of people who can access important data.
  • Take out Cyber Liability Insurance!

When looking for the most protection for your business through Cyber Liability Insurance in Lewistown, PA, cut out the time of rifling through online quotes and policies. Contact Sausman Insurance Agency directly for the best policy for your business in Mifflintown, Millersburg, and neighboring cities in Pennsylvania!