cyber liability concept

Understand how different forms of insurance can protect your business.

There is nothing more important than having the right commercial insurance for your business. It silently works in the background to safeguard your business so that you can keep making strides forward. All it takes is one uninsured loss to bring a business down, which almost 30 percent of businesses never recover from. While you may have the basic business insurance policy in place, take a look at these overlooked coverages.

Cyber Liability Insurance. If your business works online or stores data digitally, you should consider cyber liability insurance. Such a policy can protect your business from a data breach from getting out of hand.

Umbrella Liability: You have liability coverage in your BOP, why do you need more? Almost every business, large and small, is at risk of huge liability claims. A commercial umbrella policy provides a layer of protection over and beyond your primary business and commercial auto insurance policy.

Business Interruption Insurance: This insurance covers the loss of income that a business experiences after a covered loss. Whether your property is closed because of the loss or in the process of being rebuilt, this insurance can step in to help maintain your finances.

Directors & Officers Insurance. Otherwise known as D&O, this insurance helps to protect claims made against directors or officers if they make a decision that negatively impacts people. This liability cover gives you and your company the confidence to operate as you normally would.

Business insurance coverage is there to protect your company when it needs help the most. Ensure you have the right policies on hand. To get started on your tailored coverage, visit Sausman Insurance Agency.