Common Baby Seat Mistakes Parents Make

September is National Baby Safety Month. Is your child safe in the car?

Car seats seem so basic. Buckle the seat into the car, buckle the baby into the seat, go! Unfortunately, this is a common misconception that parents have, and it can be incredibly dangerous for the little one in the seat. Since September is National Baby Safety Month, we’ve rounded up a few mistakes that parents make when strapping their child in for a car journey. By knowing what to avoid, you can be better prepared to protect your child.

  • Failing to angle the seat correctly

Rear-facing seats rest at an incline. It’s important that this incline is accurate – it should be no more than 45 degrees from a vertical position. This incline helps to minimize the impact on your baby’s neck if an accident does occur. Most modern seats have a clear sign indicating the 45-degree angle. If you are not sure about the angle, contact the car seat manufacturer or opt for a newer car seat with an indicator showing the angle.

  • Failing to install the car seat tight enough

Once the car seat is installed (and before you put the baby in it), give it a good shake at the base. If you can move it more than an inch side to side or front to back, you have not installed it tight enough. Properly-installed seats should not move more than an inch.

  • Failing to tighten the harness straps.

For the baby’s protection, the harness should be snug enough to keep him or her restrained in the event of a crash. To test if it is tight enough, try to pinch the fabric of the harness straps. If you can do so easily, they are too loose.

We hope that you use these tips to improve your child’s safety throughout National Baby Safety Month. For all of your personal and commercial insurance needs, contact Sausman Insurance Agency. Our comprehensive policies give you peace of mind that you’re protected.