Common Appliances That Cause Home Fires

Protect your home by understanding which appliances come with fire risks.  

As a homeowner, you’ll know how hugely beneficial appliances have made modern-day chores. From washing clothes to keeping food cool to reheating food and drink, home appliances have transformed our lives. However, there are some appliances that come with unique fire risks that you should be aware of. Since fires can start quickly and spread easily, it’s in your home’s best interest to be cautious with your appliances.

  • Fridges

Most homeowners don’t associate fridges with fires because they are designed to keep food cool. However, all it takes is one overheated compressor for a fridge to go up in flames. If you also have an interior light that won’t go off, there could be an increased fire risk.

  • Clothes dryers

You clean out the lint filter after every cycle, but have you removed the lint that makes its way past the trap? Lint can build up in the exhaust hose. Because lint is dry and the dryer can get hot, one spark is all it takes for a fire to ignite. Regularly remove the exhaust hose and clean out the lint to prevent a fire.

  • Microwaves

Microwaves are a huge fire risk all on their own, and even a metal spoon on the appliance can be incredibly dangerous. However, homeowners should take care where they place their microwave. They emit heat when on, so keep this in mind before placing it next to wooden utensils and paper towels.

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