rarely driven car

If you have a second car you drive for fun or one that is only used seasonally, then the way you store it and care for it when it’s not on the roads will have a big impact on the way it performs. Take a look at these important tips on how to care for a vehicle that is not often on the roads.


  • Maintenance

Perform regular maintenance based on timing rather than mileage. You may need to consult the owner’s manual to ensure you’re keeping up with the required tasks. A car that isn’t driven often will not put miles on the clock, but the oil and additives are still sitting and aging, even if the car isn’t on the road.


  • Cleanliness

Leaving behind trash and food remnants could tempt rodents and other animals–even if your beloved car is tucked away safely in the garage. Take any trash out of your car and vacuum the inside to ensure nothing is left behind. Remember to clean the outside of the car, too. All it takes is dirt build-up and cracked paint to rust and turn into an unsightly blemish on your car.


  • Battery

If you’re storing a seasonal vehicle or you know you won’t be using your car for a long period of time, disconnect the battery to prevent corrosion.


  • Storage

Store your car in a garage, if possible, and away from the elements. Rain, hot sun, and windstorms can cause damage to your car’s exterior.


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