16 Oct 2015
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Choose and install the right child car seat in Lewistown, PA.

If you are a first time parent, or simply confused what car seat is correct for your third child, you are not alone! Even if you find the right car seat, your child grows out of it within months! Here is a complete run down of what to look for!

Rear-facing car seat: Birth through 12 months.
Forward-facing car seat: Ages 1-3, may need a larger size from ages 4-7
Booster seat: Use after the forward-facing seat has been outgrown.

If you are buying an older model of a car seat, or you’d like your new baby to use their siblings car seat, note the:

  • Age of the seat and if it has an expiry period
  • History of the seat and if it has been in any accidents
  • Any recalls

The best rule of thumb is if the car seat does not have all of the information on it, do not use the car seat.

When your child is in the seat, the hardness should lie flat, not twisted or pinching any material.
For rear-facing seats, place straps through the slot at or below child’s shoulders.
For forward-facing seats, place straps through the slot at or above your child’s shoulders.

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