23 May 2019
man fitting solar panels on roof

What to consider when thinking about getting solar panels. Adding solar panels is a big home investment.  It’s a big decision to make so it’s wise to know if these expensive solar panels will be covered by home insurance.   Residential solar energy installations are typically covered as part of a home insurance policy. However, […]

16 May 2019
man driving a car

The insurance implications behind driving someone else’s vehicle. Occasionally, you may need to borrow your friend’s/roommate’s/neighbor’s/relative’s vehicle to run an errand or otherwise. While you may think nothing of driving down the road to the supermarket, it’s important to ensure that you are covered by auto insurance. Many people haven’t thought about this factor even […]

09 May 2019
teamwork with four people around a table

Employment practices liability insurance for small businesses.   On any given day, there are dozens of employment liability risks business owners face. Small businesses can be particularly vulnerable to employment claims, which can be potentially costly. Even as a small business, you face risks every day. Employing people is a risky business, with liabilities that […]

04 Apr 2019
Beautiful Kitchen in Luxury Home

When to replace major home appliances. No one buys a French door refrigerator as a mid-life crisis. Yet, major home appliances often cost a significant amount of money and aren’t guaranteed to last forever. These essential home appliances are important to keep in good condition so that they can last you as long as possible. […]

21 Mar 2019
Don’t Be Fooled by the Latest Phishing Scams

Keep your business’s data safe by avoiding the latest phishing scams. Despite increased user awareness, phishing remains one of the biggest security threats to businesses. Although hackers often target consumers, companies are at a sizeable risk at all times. No matter the size, location or industry of the business, cyber attacks are possible. Take a […]