19 Oct 2016
Reduce Cyber Liability Risk

Stay safe online with reliable cyber liability insurance in Mifflintown, PA. Believe it or not, but the director of the FBI, Robert Mueller, stated that cyber attacks are quickly becoming the nation’s number one threat. With this information in hand, all businesses that interact with technology and cyberspace should start implementing their digital defenses and […]

05 Oct 2016
Car Break Down

Whether it’s a bump or a bang, know what to do! Sometimes, we know when a crash is going to happen. You may not have seen the person ahead braking, or you could be blissfully unaware until someone ploughs into the back end of you, either way, a crash is not ideal. Pull to the […]

20 Sep 2016
Auto Insurance for Delivery Services

Uber and Lyft are booming – but does your auto insurance policy protect you? Everyone from full-time workers to college students has hopped on the ridesharing train. Transportation network companies, such as Uber and Lyft, use their apps to connect drivers with passengers in need of a lift. Not only is the technology developing (you […]

16 Aug 2016
Personal and Commercial Auto Insurance Lewistown PA

The never-ending debate: personal or commercial auto insurance? Buying auto insurance can seem complicated, particularly when you’re not sure about the appropriate type of coverage for your needs. Typically, you’ll have two choices available: personal and commercial auto coverage. In short, unless you own a business and are trying to protect a company car, you’ll […]

11 Aug 2016
Insurance for College Student Lewistown PA

Now that your student is bound for college, ensure that they are fully protected. If your child is college-bound, insurance may not be an obvious concern – although, it should be. Once they go to college, the students’ health, auto, and property insurance need changes and updates to keep them safe away from home. Property You […]

11 Jul 2016
The Basics of Commercial Trucking Insurance

Here’s what you should know about commercial trucking insurance.   The trucking industry makes American run. Without the trucking businesses, transporting critical goods to the places that need them would be significantly more challenging, if not impossible. In this important industry, insurance is crucial. Without the right trucking insurance, your entire business could be at risk […]

14 Jun 2016
Stay Safe in National Safety Month

Steer your way to road success with these safety tips! During National Safety Month each June, individuals, communities, and business alike dedicate themselves to refreshing their knowledge about safety and injury prevention. This year, we’re focusing on how to stay safe on the roads, whether you’re a driver or a pedestrian. Road accidents still dominate the […]