24 May 2018
7 Bad Driving Habits to Avoid

Avoid accidents and damage by adopting a safer driving style.

As motorists get more confident on the roads, it’s only natural that their Driver’s Ed safety skills start to slip. However, there are some maneuvers that, no matter how experienced you are, are never safe. Driving safely should be second nature to us all on the road. If you’ve picked up these bad driving habits, it’s time to shift your safety skills.

Not using turn signals: Your indicators are your only way to communicate with other drivers. Failing to use them can cause a rear-end collision, or cause someone to pass you as you’re about to turn.

Rubbernecking: You all know who you are… Slowing down to look at crashes or construction is not only dangerous, but can also contribute to a chain reaction of slowed traffic. Keep your eyes on the road ahead so that you can stay alert to closed lanes or police officers directing traffic.

Staying in the left lane: The left lane is supposed to be the passing lane. If you’re cruising well below the speed limit in this lane, you may provoke other cars that are driving faster to pass dangerously on the right.

Speeding: Flying down the road is a quick recipe that will land you on the receiving end of a speeding ticket or in a serious car accident. Sticking to the speed limit will remedy this!

Running red lights: This dramatically increases your chance of a crash! If the light turns yellow before you reach the intersection, it’s best not to risk it.

Driving distracted: Avoid texting, making phone calls, shaving, putting your makeup on, eating, drinking, and juggling while driving! Anything that distracts your focus from the road should be avoided at all costs.

Driving too fast for weather conditions: It’s just rained. The roads are slick with oil and water, yet drivers still feel that reaching 70 mph on city streets is a good idea. It’s not! Slow down to avoid skidding, spinning, and causing an accident.

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