29 Apr 2016
How Marriage Affects Car Insurance

Your marital status can influence your auto insurance rate. While being single has its advantages, a lower rate on your car insurance isn’t one of them. Your auto insurance is influenced by many factors: age, location, vehicle, gender, and marital status. I Take Thee, Cheaper Auto Insurance The fact is that married couples are less […]

12 Apr 2016

Have a holiday planned this year? Renting a car? Check this out! If you’re jet-setting in the near future, you may consider hiring a car at your destination. This offers freedom, more exploration of the foreign turf, and it can complete a vacation of a lifetime! Having your own set of wheels comes with huge […]

05 Apr 2016
Types of Business Insurance in Lewistown PA

Business insurance is imperative for all businesses. But here’s coverage you didn’t know was possible! Business insurance is imperative for any successful business. Any business will have the necessary coverage to keep their business covered, from general liability to commercial auto insurance. While you may have the basics, do you have everything that you need […]