25 Jan 2016
home insurance in Lewistown PA

DIY green home cleaning products and quality home insurance in Lewistown, PA can keep your home dazzling! Many of us were brought up with standard home cleaning products, and don’t think twice about what’s actually in them. However, if you look into the harsh chemicals that you use to clean your worktop surfaces and overall house, you […]

22 Jan 2016
insurance in Lewistown PA

Before throwing away your financial documents, get organized and protect yourself with this guide.  For those who have yet to opt for paperless receipts, bills, pay stubs, tax forms, and other financial documents, the mailbox can seem eternally full. For those who like receiving paper documents monthly, be aware of which financial documents you should […]

20 Jan 2016
auto insurance in Lewistown PA

Make the most out of your gas tank and review your auto insurance in Lewistown, PA! If you’re fuel-budget conscious, you’ll want to use your gas tank for as long as possible. By increasing your fuel efficiency, you will make the most out of your gas, save money! If you’re planning road trips in the coming year, or you simply […]

18 Jan 2016
auto insurance in Lewistown PA

Curb your teenager’s risky driving habits and lower your auto insurance. Whether your teenager has just started learning to drive or has been on the road for years now, it’s important to refresh their safe habits while behind the wheel! Ensuring the safety of yourself, your child, your passengers, and other drivers is essential before heading out […]

15 Jan 2016
home insurance in Lewistown PA

Your home insurance in can help to protect your house and belongings! As the winter season is upon us in Pennsylvania, the temperature is starting to drop. Many are turning to their fireplace as a source of heat to cozy their homes and warm their hearts. With safety tips and quality home insurance in Lewistown, […]