26 Aug 2015
Trucking Insurance Lewistown PA

What Truckers Need To Know About Their Signals In your truck, people should see you. After all, your size dwarfs every other vehicle out on the open road! Unfortunately, people are not always as attentive as they should be behind the wheel, so it is important to properly use your emergency signals to protect yourself, […]

21 Aug 2015
Dog Breed and Insurance Lewistown PA

Did You Know Your Dog Breed Matters For Your Coverage? As a pet owner, you know that breed does not necessarily dictate a dog’s disposition. You have probably met a ferocious little terrier and a kind, cuddly pit bull. Unfortunately, insurance providers do not have time to interview each individual pet families bring home to […]

19 Aug 2015
insurance lewistown pa

Recent Survey Reveals Riders’ Biggest Annoyances Riding a motorcycle is a commitment. It requires constant focus to your bike, the road ahead, and the people with whom you are sharing it. Because motorcycle riders are on high alert, they notice a lot and they do not like all of it. Here are the top five […]

14 Aug 2015
home insurance lewistown pa

Your Guide To Lewistown, PA Homeowners Insurance Coverage As a responsible homeowner, you have purchased a homeowners insurance policy. You know that it protects your house, but you also know that reading through the many pages of your policy and taking the time to understand all of the insurance jargon would be an undertaking. We […]